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Customer Reviews

“I have tried many CBD products to balance my health, calm anxiety, sleep better, etc. I recently tried the Tru Organics line of CBD tinctures. It really helped me. I felt a wash of calm and positivity throughout my brain and body. I felt uplifted and relaxed. I would recommend this line of tinctures to anyone looking to ease the perceived pressures of day to day life as we know it.”

Jerry H


Cibadol is the real deal!! I suffer from arthritis and fibromyalgia and have taken a ton of prescribed and over the counter drugs over the years. Most of the prescribed drugs came with negative side-effects, and I always felt that there had to be a better and less harmful way to treat my body and improve my quality of life. Once I read about CBD and the benefits, I was willing to try this more natural form of treatment. I've tried a number of different CBD oils and body lotion brands to help alleviate my pain and none of them have helped as much as Cibadol. Since using Cibadol, my chronic pain is more manageable, I sleep better at night and wake up feeling rested. My quality of life has dramatically increased and I'd strongly recommend Cibadol.

Matt K


"Used the In Season Beauty Tub Tonic after a long day at work. The CBD aids the other natural properties for relaxing muscles and the scent relaxes the mind. After the bath my skin was left soft and moisturized. Wonderful product and you do not need much per bath!

Melanie A

Santa Rosa

CBD tinctures have dramatically improved my day to day life. Having battled anxiety and insomnia for many years, it is so great to have high quality items readily available. Using the less concentrated during the day for work keeps me calm yet focuses all day. The 900mg or 1800mg care great for before bed. Relaxes your whole body and quiets your mind. The S&G peppermint tincture is a great option for those who do not like the bitterness of CBD oil.

Jordan P

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