Seed Sales

Seed Sales

As we watch the CBD industry grow exponentially, we are excited to offer CBD seeds and clones. Our seeds and clones are from the same strains we use in our top-selling products. These can be purchased by anyone with a state-issued license.

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Can Anyone purchase your CBD seeds and clones?

We can only sell our CBD seeds and clones to individuals that have a Farm Bill-compliant hemp license or registration. We can ship to all 50 states, with proof of your state-issued license.

What is the difference between feminized CBD hemp seed and generic CBD seed?

Feminized hemp seeds are guaranteed to be female plants. Female plants ensure better biomass and flower with no risk of pollination by male plants which can produce seeds in your crops. Generic CBD hemp seeds will have both male and female plants; this increase the labor and equipment needed to sift through seeds prior to production. Generic CBD hemp seed also produces about 2% lower CBD content in both biomass and flower.

What are CBD Hemp Clones?

Plant cloning is the process pf producing a genetically identical plant without the need for breeding. Clones are created by cutting a portion from an adult plant and transplanting it into moist soil. This process can be repeated when the clone grows into an adult.

Are feminized CBD seeds more expensive than generic CBD seeds?

Yes, feminized CBD hemp seeds will always be more expensive than generic CBD hemp seed. The reason being guaranteed female plants that offer more CBD content in both biomass and flower. Feminized crops also eliminate the concern for seeds, helping reduce labor and equipment costs.

What is the recommended plant spacing for hemp cultivation?

When purchasing our hemp clones and seeds, we recommend 48″ x 36″ spacing for clone planting. Clone planting should result in 3,630 plants per acre. When planting by seed, we recommend 30″ x 24″ spacing. Seed planting should result in 8,712 plants per acre.

Do you have any recommendations for a nutrient regimen for cultivating CBD-rich hemp crops?

We suggest in soil with optimal levels of potassium (K) and phosphorus (P), for crops with a standard yield potential to be around 150 lbs per acre of nitrogen (N), 70 lbs per acre of potash (K2O), and 50 lbs per acre of phosphate (P2O5). We always recommend testing your soil prior to planting in order to create a custom fertilization strategy that’s based on your farm’s conditions.

Do you have any recommendations for harvesting CBD hemp crops?

We recommend drying your hemp crops either in your field if your local climate is arid or with a dryer if your local climate is more humid. A modified combine harvester should be utilized for separating your biomass from the stem.

What do you recommend planting your CBD seeds and clones with?

Our suggestion is planting our CBD seeds with a Monosem seed planter with a 30″ x  24″ spacing. We recommend planting our CBD hemp clones with a Checchi & Magli transplanter with a 48″ x  36″ spacing.